The story of  the school began in 1991, with the development of a theoretical model of education.  Then in 1993 principal Alvyra Galkienė together with a proactive group of parents and teachers founded „Versmė“ school with its Catholic ethos. The founders wanted students with disabilities to study together  with those without disabilities in high schools, whereas only twenty years previously, students with disabilities stayed at home, or could only study  in special schools. Since its foundation, the school has been under the wardship of  the archbishop Audrys Juozas Bačkis and the Sisters of the Congregation of Christ the King. At first, it was just  a little primary school and a kindergarten, then the number of pupils increased and additional buildings were built.

On 19th May 2010, the school became Vilnius Catholic School „Versmė „, and  stewardship of the school passed to Vilnius Archdiocese and the Convent of the Assumption Sisters. The Assumption Sisters had been working in the school for several years already; teaching  French, RE,  and taking part in extra-curricular education. On 15th May 2012, the school was awarded „gymnasium“ status in recognition of the high quality of education offered.  4-6 children with speech, eyesight, movement, intellectual or other physical or educational needs are integrated into each high school class.




All students are able to learn.


The school offers a Catholic education and learning environment to children of different intellectual and physical abilities.  We seek the highest quality of education, adapted to the  individual capabilities and needs of students.

Mission of the school

To provide a high quality primary and secondary education to students with various physical and educational needs. To fully integrate those with special needs and create an educational environment based on Christian traditions where all pupils can grow in maturity.

Educational Tradition of  St. Marie-Eugénie

Education and self-development according to the tradition of St. Marie-Eugénie must lead to change, and a high-quality education should be directed towards social action. Faith broadens horizons, inspires great passions and awakens creativity. To educate is to raise and develop individuals who live their  Christian freedom, and who respect other people and cultures. Education must enable each person to discover and develop  their abilities and to use them in order to serve people.

Features of a St. Marie-Eugénie Education:

· A positive view of man and the world around

· Responsibility and action

· Faith and future commitment

· Openness to life, challenges and current issues

· Sense of community and cooperation

· Joy

Educational goals

Through the collaboration of parents, pastoral tutors and teachers, and following the principles of the Catholic Church and the  St. Marie-Eugénie educational tradition, the school aims to develop a fully educated and responsible person.

To help raise young people with deeply-rooted values and a Christian worldview.

To implement the integrated education of students with disabilities, by providing educational, psychological, social and other help, and to give each student the opportunity to achieve the highest possible academic level.

To help students develop a life-long learning attitude, an ability to make decisions and choose their path for further study and work.


Traditional school events:

· Study and Knowledge Day – 1st September

· The European Day of Languages

· International Teachers’ Day

· Intellectual Quiz ( G.Steponavičius Support Fund )

· International Day for people with disabilities

· Holy Mass for the school community

·Spiritual Exercises for teachers and pastoral class groups

· Christmas festivities

· Visit of „the Holy Family“ to classrooms

· Community Christmas event in school

· New Year’s Eve pupils’ Carnival

· January 13th – Lithuanian Freedom Defenders‘ Day; Civil Action „Atmintis gyva , nes liudija“

· St. Valentine’s Day

· February 16th – Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania


· Kaziukas Fair

· March 11 –  Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania

· Sports (nationball and basketball) competitions between classes

· Basketball Tournament „Lazdynų taurė“ ( G.Steponavičius Support Fund )

· Careers day

· Students and teachers’ pilgrimages



Education programmes:

· Primary education

· Secondary Education

· Special Education


School self-government

There is a Parents’ Council and Student Parliament at the school. These are important advisory bodies to the school administration team, and bring together members of the school community, and initiate various events and projects.

Extra-curricular education

Various extra-curricular activities are an offer at the school.  Students can choose from various after-school activities: folklore, dance, economics, a gospel choir, art, drama group, basketball, sport, French lessons, chess, draughts, ceramics, design, art therapy, etc.


The school seeks to foster a Christian spirituality and a personal and community commitment to justice. The pastoral care programme includes liturgical celebrations, spiritual exercises, pilgrimages, trips, solidarity campaigns and personal work with students and teachers. We offer students the chance to choose faith in God not because of tradition, but instead, to get to know Him and follow Him.





Violeta Ališauskienė

Tel . : (+370 5) 2449463


· Manages school activities.

· Unites the school community to fulfil the Lithuanian education goals.

· Organizes favourable educational environment for each student.

· Organizes the community to ensure a high-quality education and the formation of a Christian humanistic worldview.

· Responsible for school’s material and financial resources.

· Works on behalf of the school in relation to physical and juridical persons , makes and discontinues transactions and contracts.

· Represents the school including in legal and contractual matters.


Vice-Principal of Studies

Rita Juknevičienė

Tel . : (+370 5) 2449462


· Coordinates secondary and sixth-form education programmes.

· Organizes internal and state exams

· Creates and implements lesson timetables in school.

· Co-ordinates timetables and studies of students learning from home


Vice-Principal of Studies

Rita Meškelevičiūtė

Tel . : (+370 5) 2449462


· Coordinates primary education programme.

· Coordinates special educational assistance for students.

· Organizes teaching assistants’ work.

· Runs the Child Welfare Committee.

· Co-ordinates school transport for students with disabilities.

· Chair of the Teachers’ methodology council.


Vice-Principal for Spiritual Development

Sister Danguolė Gervytė

Tel . : (+370 5)2449462


· Chair of the school board.

· Manages the council for pastoral care.

· Head of pastoral class tutors.

· Coordinates the Parent Council activities.

· Mentors the student fee project.




Vice-Principal for Finance and Facilities

Jurgita Molienė

Tel . : (+370 5) 216 99 20


· Co-ordinates maintenance and security of property.

· Co-ordinates renewal of school facilities and grounds.

· Especially responsible for finance.




Office manager

Laura Latvėnienė

Tel .: (+370 5) 2449463


· Responsible for daily administrative duties in school.

· Manages school files and documents.

· Directs correspondance and enquiries

· Responds to calls and connects them to the relevant person.

· Manages the school archives.



There are 54 teachers, 7 special education teachers and 14 teaching assistants in the school.



The school offers special educational, psychological and social assistance to students who require it, provided  by qualifiied psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, special needs teachers and physiotherapists, in  collaboration with teachers and teaching assistants. Individual education plans are prepared for students with individual needs, by the relevant subject teachers.





Architektu str. 85

Vilnius LT 04208

Tel./fax:  (+370 5) 2449463

e-mail: rastine@ptmg.lt


Principal’s tel.: (+370 5) 2449463

Vice-Principal’s for Studies tel.: (+370 5) 2449462

Vice-Primary’s for economy and general issues tel.: (+370 5) 216 99 20




Pamokų laikas

1 pamoka: 8:00 - 8:45
2 pamoka: 8:55 - 9:40
3 pamoka: 9:55 - 10:40
4 pamoka: 11:05 - 11:50
5 pamoka: 12:10 - 12:55
6 pamoka: 13:05 - 13:50
7 pamoka: 14:00 - 14:45
8 pamoka: 14:55 - 15:40

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